About (Who We Are)

Protocol is a comprehensive database of rights and obligations on the most important topics in the daily lives of citizens and residents of the State of Israel. The venture makes information accessible about concepts, data and procedures in various areas of life so that everyone can know what rights they are entitled to and what obligations they must fulfill.

Protocol was established by the entrepreneur Albert Shubayev in 2016. The enterprise was established as a magazine and content site and within two years became a database where you can search and find the desired information. The decision to set up the venture came when the entrepreneur wanted to know in some cases what his rights and obligations were in various matters, and was unable to find this information in a clear, understandable, and concentrated language in one place. With more in-depth research, it has been found that this is a phenomenon faced by many people who want to get the information and do not understand the languages of legislation and case law, especially when they want to know how to prove it.

The purpose of the social enterprise is to provide all the necessary information to every target population in Israel, including every right and every obligation that comes from the law, regulation, conditions, order, instruction, directive, circular, procedure, ordinance, agreement, judgment and more. The information was written by experts in the various fields of practice depending on the topic.

The information is accessible to the public through the website (protocol.co.il), via e-mail, through the official pages on the websites of social media networks, and by other means. The information on the site is published and updated every day, except Saturdays or holidays.

Protocol is an independent body, is not a non-profit organization, is not funded by the state, and is not eligible to receive donations from other bodies. To provide quality content on these topics, advertisements or other links that may earn a certain amount may be displayed – which may cover the basic expenses.

The slogan of Protocol

The phrase (slogan, password) that characterizes the venture is: Protocol – simple know everything.

Our vision

To lead professional development and personal empowerment among people with information usage.

Our mission

To be a trusted source and a leading organization in Israel that provides information on issues that affect our agenda.

Protocol core values

  • The users are the main thing – the users of Protocol are the heart of our work and we make sure that they receive reliable, up-to-date, professional, and relevant information.
  • Clear presentation – We make sure that the writing language is of a high standard, but also understandable and clear to all of us.
  • Transparency – We maintain complete transparency regarding potentially biased content.
  • Respect and non-confrontation approach – We do not want to confront bodies and institutions or experts in the field. But to be respectful towards them.
  • Privacy is important – The privacy of website users is important and we will never sell the information.
  • Use subject to copyright – Content may be shared and used for personal use, but is not intended for commercial use.